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Introduction to knife and painting tools

Release time:2020-05-15     Manbetx

  In the process of painting, the brush is still the most important tool, other tools are only auxiliary, so the quality of the brush directly affects the effect of the work. Let's see what kinds of brushes are available.

  1. Nylon flat brush

  This brush is the most frequently used brush in the creation of knife painting. It is made of very soft and delicate nylon wool. It is elastic and easy to exert. Different effects will appear when changing the contact surface between the brush head and the canvas. This pen is suitable for the whole picture, such as sky, rocks, waterfalls, trees, etc.

  2. Double hook pen

  Knife painting uses oil painting pigments. In the process of painting, we use toner oil to mix and dilute the pigments, so the selection of the pencil is very strict. In the selection of the hook pen, we'd better choose the combination pen, that is, the combination pen of Langhao and yanghao, which is hard in the soft and easy to master. This pen is mainly used for sketching the point and scene of characters, detailed outline depiction, etc. Such as: houses, sailboats, bridges, trees and twigs.

  3. Big brush

  Large brush is mainly made of thick nylon wool, which is relatively hard with low frequency of use. It is mainly used to draw the outline of birch spots.

  4. Small brush

  The material of small brush is the same as that of large brush, which is hard and thick nylon hair. It is also the most easily used pen, mainly used for detailed description. Such as the house spot color, special leaves (crescent shaped) and so on.

  5. Water treatment pen

  The water surface treatment pen is also called "brush", which is made of wool, soft and delicate, not easy to take away color. It is mainly used for the treatment of water surface and lake surface, making the picture more delicate and rich.

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