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What's the difference between a watercolor pen, a brush pen, and a paintbrush?

Release time:2020-05-15     Manbetx

  1. Different raw materials

  The structure of the watercolor pen includes a plastic pen case with a cavity inside and a sponge filling inside. At one end of the pen case is a tongue made of plastic pen head and nylon material. The tongue fits tightly with the pen head.


  The brush is composed of the hair of birds and animals and bamboo tubes.

  Oil brush is a special painting tool for oil painting, the general penholder is mostly made of wood, the brush hair is bristles, there are also a few Wolf and chemical fiber.

  2. Different advantages

  The advantage of watercolor pen is colour is rich, bright-coloured, disadvantage is the time that USES is shorter, moisture is not even, transition is not natural, two colors are not harmonious together, suit to draw children to draw commonly so.

  The brush is not easy to keep, the brush is practical and easy to wear, so the appreciation of the brush can be from the shape of the brush, the important thing is to focus on the decorative meaning of the strong, colorful, rich content of the brush tube.

  The oil brush plays the most basic function in the process of oil painting. A handy brush can bring interest to an artist's work. The choice of oil brush depends on the painting technique. Different texture, shape, type of brush, its role is also different.

  Usage and maintenance of brush:

  1, to write one's first

  Open the edge of the new pen with warm water or rub the hair away from the top of the pen with your fingers. When you don't have a good grasp of the strength of the brush or the quality of the brush is not satisfactory, you can open the brush to more than half of the brush, because you don't need to open the brush to two-thirds of the brush to write Chinese characters, and this can increase the fluency of the brush to some extent.

  2, RunBi

  Wet the used pen with water before using it again. Then hang the pen upside down for ten minutes to restore the toughness of the pen.

  3, into the ink

  In order to make the ink into the pen, the water must be sucked dry, you can use absorbent paper to gently drag pen. It should be noted that: less ink, pen can not operate freely, more ink but the pen's 4 waist soft.

  4, maintenance

  Wash the pen immediately after use, do not put on the cover after washing, drain the remaining water and straighten it out. Will pen is put in shade place to hang hang shade to dry or with pen shade deposit, cannot be the pen insolate below sunshine.

  Don't lick the hair in your mouth; Do not use it outside of writing or painting; You can't use it in a solvent; The nib holder is used in transportation as a protection for the tip of the pen. Once the pen is used, it should not be installed again to prevent the pen from rotting and depilation.

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