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How do beginners choose oil brushes

Release time:2020-05-15     Manbetx

  There are soft pens and hard pens for oil painting, and the way of using the pen is related to the degree of dilution of the paint. Bristle pens for oil painting are cheap and thick, suitable for painting dry paints and large surface and thick coating. The soft brush for oil painting is suitable for the brushstroke and the artificial fiber brush. Oil painting is suitable for painting local details, such as facial depiction, realistic still life, etc. The oil painting soft pen is suitable for painting the hollow part of the large surface, such as the background color of the sky in the distance, distant mountains, clothes and materials for people.


  1. Soft oil brush

  Soft brush painting, the picture can be more delicate, generally classical painting more use of soft brush. Soft brush mainly includes: Wolf brush, sable brush, cow hair and camel hair brush, chemical fiber brush. Among the soft brushes, the best one is made of mink hair. The flexibility and softness of the mink brush are the best among all the soft brushes. In the actual painting process, the paint is soft and even without any trace of brush strokes, which is suitable for the depiction of the face and details.

  LangHao brush is to use weasel hair, LangHao brush pen MAO is the biggest disadvantage of elasticity is insufficient, so the actual use of the performance of the textures and details on the image as the sable brush, brush but LangHao relative to the sable hair brush with a great price advantage, generally costs less than half of sable hair brush, so general beginners will choose this kind of material.

  Cow hair and camel hair oil brush, this kind of material is used to make fan pen, because the hair is soft, so it is suitable for use in the cover dye color, beginners are not recommended to use.

  Chemical fiber pen is a synthetic fiber brush. In theory, chemical fiber pen should have the characteristics of a senior oil brush such as mink hair and badger hair. Its softness and elasticity are good. However, in practical use, chemical fiber pen does not do this, and the pen is easy to deform, beginners do not recommend using this pen.

  2. Bristle paint brush

  Compared with the soft brush, the hard brush has the advantages of strong elasticity, strong strength and high wear resistance. Bristles and badger brushes are the main brushes of bristles.

  Bristle brushes often leave bristle marks when painted, and can pick up thick paint. Can rub, rub, brush, won't appear pen bristle to stick together commonly the phenomenon. However, it is precisely because of these characteristics that the bristle brush will appear weak when it presents a delicate texture of the picture. On the contrary, the bristle brush is suitable for thick painting with brush strokes and texture.

  Compared with bristles, badger brushes are finer, softer and more flexible. They are high grade bristles, but they are also more expensive. So it's recommended for beginners to choose a bristle brush if you want a bristle brush.

  For beginners it is recommended to use a hard pen, only with a hard pen can express a rough oil painting style, the painting color of a hard pen is also richer than a soft pen, and a variety of models of bristle pen. The soft pen is only suitable for the realistic painting style. Due to the limitation of the brush hair material, the soft pen is mainly medium and small, especially the small pen. In oil painting, the relationship between the type of oil painting brush and its use is the most clear. Large paintbrushes are usually used to make large texture and to lay large color blocks, while small paintbrushes are usually used to draw fine lines and color dots. At present, the types of oil painting brushes sold on the market are not unified, and different brands and textures of the same type of oil painting brushes vary greatly. And the classification of the model is not the same, there are 0 ~ 24, 0 ~ 12, 0 ~ 16 and so on. Bristle and other hard oil painting brush sizes and models are complete, sable and other soft oil painting brush generally do not have a large pen, and fan oil painting brush (mostly for the mane or artificial hair) no small.

  Next, I will introduce the functions of oil brushes with different materials and shapes:

  Bristle oil painting brush: mostly for bristles, strong elasticity, strong, strength. Coloring often leaves bristle marks and can pick up thick paint. Can rub, rub, brush, won't appear pen bristle to stick together commonly the phenomenon. Mostly used for thick brush texture painting.

  Sable or badger hair oil painting brush: it belongs to the advanced oil painting brush, which is moderate in hardness and soft, and is soft and uniform in color without any trace of brush strokes. It is suitable for the detailed description of the picture. Squirrel hair, monkey hair oil painting brush also belong to the soft brush. Brush of cow hair and camel hair: belongs to the soft wool oil painting brush, mostly used for covering color.

  Artificial wool oil painting brush: with ermine hair, badger hair and other advanced painting brush characteristics. The faux wool can be used to create paintbrushes of different shapes, which can be used for both soft local colors and fine details. But it can not be put into water immersion, its hair in the water easily deformed.

  Shape and function:

  Round oil painting brush: the oldest kind of oil painting brush. It has a blunt nib, which can be used to create softer strokes; A small round paintbrush can be used to draw lines, a large area of fuzzy color halo can appear on the side, and can also be used for coloring techniques.

  (2) flat head oil painting brush: flat body flat head oil painting brush did not appear until the 19th century. Used for making broad, sweeping brush strokes; You can draw a rough line on the side of the flat head. Turn the pen body to use the drag-and-sweep pen, can appear uneven strokes.

  Hazel oil painting brush: flat body round head, also called "cat tongue pen". Both round head, flat two kinds of oil painting brush characteristics, but difficult to control. It is a more elegant and fluid brush for curvilinear strokes.

  Fan oil painting brush: belongs to a new type of special oil painting brush, brush hair sparse, flat fan. Used in wet painting to lightly sweep or brush, or to soften too sharply defined Outlines. This oil brush is often used by painters who prefer thin drawing. When using a fan pen, you must keep it clean or it will hinder its dexterity.

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