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Do you really use all kinds of oil brushes correctly?

Release time:2020-05-15     Manbetx

  In the process of drawing an oil painting, the oil painting pen is indispensable. A good oil painting pen can save a lot of trouble and energy for the painter, and it can also bring painting to the artist's creation. The selection of oil painting brush depends on the painting technique. Different quality, shape and model of oil painting brush have different functions. Different shapes of pens can draw different strokes, so do you use these different shapes of oil painting pens correctly?


  1. Short flat head oil painting pen

  The short flat head brush is short, and the length and width of the brush head are basically the same. It is used to dip thick paint to draw short and heavy strokes. Short flat brush is easy to draw a relatively monotonous square stroke, so you must be careful when using it.

  2. Oil painting pen with round head

  The tip of the round brush is round and sharp, which is suitable for drawing thin lines and long strokes with thin paint. Round head brushes are often used to perfect the details of a painting.

  3. Changping oil brush

  The brush head of long flat brush is square, and the brush is longer than short flat brush. The long flat head brush has strong adsorption capacity for pigments, and is suitable for drawing long strokes or thin lines on the edges of paintings. Long flat brush is suitable for painting large areas of color, especially for high concentration of pigment.

  4. Hazel shaped front oil painting brush

  The brush head of hazelnut shaped brush is a flat ellipse, which can draw a round stroke. Its shape determines that it can draw heavy strokes or light strokes. Compared with the long flat head brush, hazelnut shaped edge brush is more suitable for mixing colors.

  5. Fan oil painting pen

  The fan-shaped pen is flat and fan-shaped, belonging to a new special oil painting pen with sparse brush hair. Used to swipe and brush in wet drawing, or soften too clear outline. Painters who like thin drawing often use this kind of brush. When using the fan-shaped pen to rub the color, it must be kept clean, otherwise it will hinder its dexterity.


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